Building Launceston

3D LauncestonIt’s easy to take the city in which I live for granted. People travel from all over the world to see the architecture in Launceston. To be honest I never really took much notice until I leaned this. The thing about Tasmania, is that we stil have a lot of our historic buildings from the last two centuries. For example, a poplar clothing store is houed in a building that was originally a bank in the 1880s. Not far from this you find Cimitiere House, a modern environmentally friendly facility. This makes our city a fascinating mixture of old and new.

Have you looked much at the 3D buildings in Google Earth? One of my work-mates does some 3D modelling and he has set up The Build Launceston Project. He has personally modelled and uploaded many iconic buildings in our city, and has also provided some good tips on how to contribute to the effort. Of course these tips could be applied to modelling any city.

So what aout where you live? Have you checked to see what familiar locations might have been modeled in Google Earth?

Screenshot from Google Earth.
Image (C) 2011 DigitalGlobe Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO
(C) 2011 Wheris(R) Sensis Pty Ltd
Image Launceston City Council


About Adam David Collings

Adam Collings is a writer of speculative fiction who works as a software engineer during the day. He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife and two children. Adam is currently working on a science fiction novel.
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