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What I’ve Overcome

In their song ‘What I’ve Overcome’, the band Fireflight sing “I’m not what I have done, I’m what I’ve overcome.” It seems so natural for us to define ourselves by our defeats rather than our victories. While we’re busy focusing … Continue reading

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The Colonists Chapter 3 Provides some Setting

I posted chapter 3 of my serial novel last Sunday. This chapter opens with a briefing between the senior officers of The Endeavour. We gain a little insight into humanity’s new home, and meet a few interesting people. Then, then … Continue reading

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The Three-Year-Old Storyteller

Sometimes I think both my kids are going to follow after me as writers. They have very healthy imaginations. While I was dressing my three-year-old son this morning, he told me a story. “I went in the Tardis with the … Continue reading

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The Colonists – New insight into Character

Chapter 2 of The Colonists is now on line. In this chapter, I develop the character of Allan Murphy – the ship’s first officer found dead in his stasis pod. I also flash back and give a little insight into … Continue reading

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Well March has arrived quickly, and with it comes the official end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. Usually the climate doesn’t pay that much attention to the calendar, but this year, as soon as the 1st of March … Continue reading

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The Colonists: The Ark Arrives

My new writing experiment is The Colonists. It is a science fiction episodic serial novel. I will be posting a chapter every week. This week’s chapter kicks off the story with a man waking up with little memory of who … Continue reading

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In Moments Like These – Poetry by Keith Wallis

One of my fellow writers from is Keith Wallis. He is a poet, and is about to release a new book titled “In Moments like These”. Keith has set up a bog to promote this book, which features a … Continue reading

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