Easter Focus – Resurrection


Today I am participating in the ChristianWriters.com blog chain for April. Since Easter falls in this month we are looking at the topics of Easter and resurrection. Interestingly, today is my birthday. Where did all the time go I wonder? Yesterday I was 18. Today I am 33. I am quite used to celebrating my birthday in conjunction with Easter, given its closeness. I have distant memories of one year, when I was very young, my mother made an Easter Bunny birthday cake for me.

Today might be a reminder that I am now well into my thirties and am expected to “be an adult”, but I have another birthday: one that does not fall on the fourth of April. To be honest I don’t know the day, but it happened when I was approximately nine years old. I was in grade three, which was my first year at the Launceston Christian School. Our teacher had described to us in simple terms, what Jesus did on the cross and why. That night, in my bed, I made my first personal commitment to live in a relationship with Jesus. That night I was “born again.”

This was only the very beginning of a journey for me. While I believe that my sins were forgiven that night, I had only a childlike understanding of the gospel. I had a long way to go. Through my late childhood and into my teens I was really quite hypocritical. I became more self-righteous than I knew. My faith was not so much in God’s mercy and grace, but in the fact that I was a “good little Christian”. I was the kid who always prided himself in obeying the rules and doing the right thing. I got devastatingly upset if I was reprimanded for something at school. I had an outward appearance of righteousness but a very dirty heart inside, which was apparent to those closest to me.

It was during my university years that God really worked in my heart and helped me understand my true condition, and his gift for me. Being a ‘good person’ would get me nowhere. No matter how ‘good’ I thought I was, it was like dirty rags to God. I could not measure up to his standard. I was no better than anyone else. Many people find it difficult to admit they are wrong – and this was a particular problem for me. I had to humble myself and come to terms with my need for forgiveness and hope. After that I was able to truly appreciate and accept what God had done for me. He died two thousand years ago in my place. It should have been me hanging and dying on that cross – I deserved it – He didn’t. He died in my place so that my sins could be forgiven (God could not overlook them), and then he was resurrected back to life to defeat the power of death and sin.

The term ‘born again’ was first spoken by Jesus when questioned by a bloke named Nicodemus. Jesus told him that in order to be saved he must be born again. When Nicodemus didn’t understand what this meant, Jesus went on to explain that he would be “lifted up” so that everyone who believes in him can have eternal life. It is during this conversation that Jesus utters what may be his most quoted words:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
– John 3:16

Now THAT is a birthday worth celebrating! Happy Easter.

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  • Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION Copyright (C) 1973, 1978, 1984 International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.


    About Adam David Collings

    Adam Collings is a writer of speculative fiction who works as a software engineer during the day. He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife and two children. Adam is currently working on a science fiction novel.
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    19 Responses to Easter Focus – Resurrection

    1. Adam, your journey mirrors mine in so many ways. I was almost 12 when I found Jesus and went beyond the interesting stories I’d heard all my life. I was childish and often hypocritical, but in college I started to learn more. It cemented my relationship with the Lord like nothing else before that time could. Great post, brother.

      ~ VT

    2. Happy birthday Adam! What a wonderfully written post.

    3. Chris Depew says:

      Happy Birthday.

      Thank you for the reminder that I do nothing on my own and that all things are possible because of what Christ did for me. He lives!

    4. TraciB says:

      We have similar testimonies, Adam. Thanks for sharing yours and communicating the Gospel message so clearly for your readers.

    5. E G Lewis says:

      Nice Post. I was blessed to be a cradle Christian. Being raised in the faith, there was never a time I didn’t know about Jesus and I attended Church regularly as I was growing up. Even as a young man when I drifted away, in my heart I never stopped believing…I’d just been succumbed to the temptations of the world. Through God’s grace, like the Prodigal Son I found my way back.
      Peace and Blessings

    6. Nona says:

      Excellent post, Adam. Thank you very much for this witness/testimony. I can relate to a similar necessity for humbling myself as a teen and college youth. We do have a tendency to get prideful in our own piety, don’t we? Thank the Lord for His mercies, for they are new every morning!

    7. Tracy Krauss says:

      Just like in life, our spiritual birthday is just the beginning. Growing up in the Lord takes a lifetime. Nice post

    8. Jan says:

      Thank God for new beginnings – no matter how often we need them! Great post!

    9. Happy Birthday, Adam! What a beautiful testimony of God at work in your life. That’s part of what I love about this great big God we serve, He accepts us right we are and gently, patiently leads us somewhere infinitely better, never leaving us to our own designs or misunderstandings or wrong interpretations, but always higher, deeper, closer to Himself. What grace!

      • You are so right, Cindee. Even in those times I strayed from His perfect will, He gently guided me back into fuller service. It’s a myth what some people say, that He’s waiting to throw thunderbolts at us like Thor. We serve a loving, patient God. Just as a father loves his child and compassionately encourages us to go the right direction, so does God treat His children.

        ~ VT

    10. Thank you for a wonderful, heartfelt post! My brother also has an April birthday and we’ve always been excited when it falls on Easter to make it even more special!

    11. sheilaodomhollinghead says:

      Thanks for giving us insight into your spiritual journey! I’m sure we’ve all experienced similar things.

      Happy birthday! (Sorry I’m late telling you.)

    12. Scott Fields says:

      Thanks for the testimony, Adam. Like others here, it resonated in a very familiar way with what I experienced during my teenaged years. (Don’t most Christians who accept Christ at a very young age go through a similar experience? Perhaps without it, we wouldn’t value what God has done for us quite as highly. . . .)

      You also broke new exegetical ground with your post, at least for me. This is officially the first time I’ve ever heard Nicodemus referred to as a “bloke.”


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    14. thebiblestop says:

      Amen. It is only through our faith in Christ that we have righteousness. Great post and a great reminder.

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