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Outlining Your Novel

Author K.M. Weiland is releasing her latest book – “Outlining Your Novel, Map your way to Success”. I have no doubt that this will be a fantastic resource for any writer. Weiland’s blog Wordplay is devoted to helping writers become … Continue reading

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The Colonists Episode 2 Chapter 10

In this week’s chapter of The Colonists, both Laura and Neal make startling discoveries which will change everything you thought you knew about their situations. This chapter is the midpoint of episode 2. Our characters are now well-established in their … Continue reading

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The Colonists Ep 2 Chapter 9

In this week’s chapter of The Colonists, Laura starts to discover that her experience in the past is not all that she thought it was. Also, Chaplain Boyd has a visitation from an angelic being. Read it here: Chapter 9 … Continue reading

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My Writing Process

Here is a brand-new behind-the-scenes featurette about my writing process for my web serial The Colonists. The quality is not great. It was filmed on a digital still camera and edited with very basic software.

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Coming Home

Today, I am participating in the Blog Chain. This is something that I do regularly. The topic for September is “Coming Home.” The film Patch Adams, begins with a monologue by Robin Williams playing the lead role. He says: … Continue reading

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The Sacrifice

Today I’m participating in the First Campaign Challenge for the Writer’s Platform Building Campaign. The task is to write a story in 200 words or less starting with ‘The door swung open’. I have managed to get exactly 200 words. … Continue reading

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The Colonists Ep 2 Chapter 7

In this week’s episode of The Colonists, Laura continues to explore the SS Phoenix, which she has mysteriously found herself aboard. She meets a man named Kenneth Baily and begins to form a connection with him, but she cannot reveal … Continue reading

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Paying Honour on Father’s Day

Today in Australia, we are celebrating Father’s Day. I would like to pay honour to a couple of people. Firstly, I’d like to pay honour to my grandfather Reginald Collings, who passed away earlier this year. Pop was a hard-working … Continue reading

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