Review of Demon: A Memoir

Demon: A MemoirDemon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I couldn’t put this book down. I read over a quarter of it in just one day, almost finished it over a weekend. There are two stories here, there is the epic retelling of human history (and God’s relationship with humans, angels and demons) as told to the protagonist Clay. There is also Clay’s story as well. These two have been expertly woven together into a whole compelling story.

Often when you read a book, there will be multiple plots and subplots. You’ll finish one chapter, and the next takes you to a different subplot. At times I’ve found myself almost wanting to skip over the current subplot to get back to the “good stuff”. Demon: A Memoir wasn’t like that. It all just melded together nicely.

Tosca Lee is the Queen of “What if” questions. She can take a simple concept and draw so much out of it. She delves beyond cliche and tradition, and portrays the biblical accounts of history as if they are just that – history. She breathes real human life into characters that we sometimes think of as shallow cardboard cutouts.

Reading this book gave me new appreciation for the grace and forgiveness of God – and made me feel ashamed of how I take it for granted some times.

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