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Once again it is my turn to write for the ChristianWriters.com blog chain. This month – our topic is Leap, to celebrate the fact that 2012 is a leap year. Bring the 29th of February, that mysterious day that only comes once every four years.

When people hear a word like leap – something that often comes to mind is a leap of faith (at least amongst a bunch of Christian writers). We have already had a number of excellent articles on this topic. Life sometimes asks us to take the plunge and leap voluntarily into the unknown, but what about the times when a leap is almost forced upon us? Sometimes, when the ground is crumbling beneath us, and we’re seconds away from falling, there is really no choice at all, except to close our eyes and leap, believing that God’s arms are out there somewhere ready to catch us. Sometimes, these involuntary leaps are the hardest, and sometimes they are the ones that change us the most.

I’d like to introduce you to a little boy named Leo. He is only one year old. His parents were delighted to welcome him into the world. When Leo was 14 months old, he became very sick. He was quickly diagnosed with a cancerous tumour the size of a tennis ball in his tiny abdomen. Suddenly this happy family’s world was turned upside-down. They had to leave family, work, friends and a supportive church behind as they moved inter-state to Melbourne for medical treatment. They didn’t ask for this to happen and they had no choice but to jump.

The tumour itself was inoperable so the road ahead was lined with lots of unpleasant treatments. They had a difficult time ahead, but they leapt into the arms of God. Listening to their story is inspiring. They have been stretched and grown by God in ways that few Christians ever will be. They have developed a strong faith. They have had the opportunity to share the gospel with countless other families. There is a great hunger amongst parents of sick children for hope, and Leo’s Parents regularly find new friends who want to hear about God.

The band Spencer and Wilson have written a song about Leo, and are holding a special charity concert in Sydney during March. You can hear a little about this in the video below:

They will soon be able to return home to Tasmania, but even this will be a big step. Their house will need a lot of modification to make it suitable for a sick little boy who now has a reduced immune system from the treatments.

Leo The Lionheart

They never would have chosen this type of leap – but God has used it to do amazing things in their lives, and for that they are very grateful.

If you have been touched by the story of Leo, you can find out more about him on his Facebook page. A number of people have been making ‘Leo the Lionheart‘ toys to raise money to help support the family financially. You can buy one of these toys at CoolThings.com.au

The biggest gift you could give Leo and his family though, is to pray for them. Why not say a prayer right now?

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About Adam David Collings

Adam Collings is a writer of speculative fiction who works as a software engineer during the day. He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife and two children. Adam is currently working on a science fiction novel.
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28 Responses to Leo’s Leap

  1. Pegg Thomas says:

    There is nothing more difficult that watching your child go through sickness, much less a sickness of this magnitude. Your friends are special indeed to be able to spread hope to others at such a time. Wonderful story!

  2. Heavenly Father, we lift up Leo and his family to your care. Please strengthen him physically and give them your strength emotionally and spiritually as well. Please show them your love and present them with clear sparkles of your glory each day. Amen.

    *Thank you, Adam, for sharing this with us!

  3. What a very thoughtful post! Thank you for sharing Leo’s story. Add updates on the blog chain please. I have prayed as you requested and will add the family to our prayer list. It is always amazing how those in need can end up being a blessing to those they meet.

  4. Tracy Krauss says:

    This heart wrenching story is all too common, unfortunately. I applaud those who are working on behalf of little Leo. It reminds me of some close personal friends who went through a similar situation when their son Josiah was 2 years old. He was diagnosed with leukemia and they underwent three years of treatments etc. that definitely landed them in the arms of God. Similarly, a music group got ahold of Josiah’s story and did a recording; they had fundraisers, etc… and … Josiah is now a healthy thirteen year old. He is still cancer free! PTL! My thoughts and prayers go out ot little Leo and his family, knowing that the God of the universe has it all worked out.

    • It’s great to see the heart of people who help when they see others in need. Praise God for the way he has worked in Josiah’s life and given him healing. His story would be a great encouragement to parents like Leo’s.

  5. Thank you for sharing Leo’s story. My prayers are with his family.

  6. Traci B says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Adam. I’m praying for Leo and his family. If you can get us a link to a download of that song, I’d love to purchase it.

  7. E G Lewis says:

    A child that young with such an illness is a heartbreaking story, but it’s amazing how much good God can pull out of such a traegdy…volunteers pitching in, prayer chains, donations of time and money – the list goes on. A three-year-old at our church has been diagnosed with lukemia, so we’re going a similar experience. We’ll remember Leo and his parents in our prayers. Peace and Blessings.

  8. Terrie says:

    Adam, I enjoy your stories from ‘downunder’ – Praying for this family and I believe the miracle this family is hoping for will come to pass. I’ve found the Lord brings together all the elements to bless the seeker and those with faith. Keep up the great reporting!

    • Glad you like my little contributions from the Southern Hemisphere. I will post something in the prayer requests section on ChristianWriters.com for updates.

  9. Adam, that is a heart wrenching story about Leo. Praying his treatment continues to go well and he recovers fully.

  10. Nona says:

    Adam, I am so sorry that I missed commenting on your day. Somehow I didn’t get a few of the links into my widget….

    What a wonderful post (*sniff), and so true. My prayers go out to this family.

  11. Deborah K. Anderson says:

    Very moving story, Adam. Loved the title.

    I pray that God heal little Leo, in Jesus’ name, for all things are possible to those who believe.

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  13. Adam, as mom to five kids, three kids with serious health issues, and being a cancer survivor myself, I don’t think you could have chosen a more beautiful, touching story to post. Bless you! Tonight at dinner, the kids and I are going to “pool our money” and place our order to help Leo and his family, then brainstorm about whom in our community we could bless with a Leo the Lion — a chance to give twice. 🙂

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