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This month, on the blog chain, we’re discussing the topic Savour. When I think about the word savour, I think about food. I really like food, but to me, the word savour means more than just enjoying something. It means taking your time to make the pleasure last as long as possible. I’m not really one to savour my food. I’m not a connoisseur, I’m more your basic every-day garbage guts. Think of me as a human Garfield. Something to SavourTo Quote the character of Bibly, in the Star Trek DS9 episode “Honour Among Theives” “I eat when I’m hungry, and when I’m hungry, I eat fast.” To be honest though, I’m not so bad these days. I eat pretty good and I’ve actually lost around 10 kilograms over the last few years. My point is though, I’m not one who naturally takes the time to savour things. I gobble stuff up and then move on to the next thing.

I don’t think God wants us to go through life like this all the time. I’m not saying that we must spend every minute of the day sniffing roses, but we can get so caught up sometimes that we are not appreciating what we have. That’s a big problem because if we don’t appreciate – we can’t be truly thankful.

One thing I’ve learned to savour lately is the weekend. Work has been pretty tough for me this year. I’ve been working on a difficult and frustrating project. I’ve found that when Friday night arrives I take great pleasure in appreciating the fact that I have two days off. There’s always lots and lots of housework to do of course, but the nice thing about weekends is that you can decide for yourself how much work you do, and when you do it. If I want to take an hour to sit down and read a book on my beautiful Kindle, nobody is going to tell me off.

Another thing I am savouring is time with my wife and kids. My wife has been working shifts at the hospital, as part of her nursing training, so I don’t see her quite as often as usual. That means that the time we have together is special. As for my kids – well they can be a handful (especially my four-year-old son). I can get frustrated that he keeps wanting to bug me while I’m trying to catch up with my blog reading, or I can remember how important he is to me, and what a wonderful gift it is to have a child to play with.

Qapla - Klingon for Success

I am also learning this year to savour the small victories in life. As I mentioned, this has been a difficult time at work. I have learned that when I make a breakthrough, I need to take a moment, walk around the office to stretch my legs, and celebrate my victory. Then I can sit back down at my computer, click the next button and find the next big problem to solve. I’ve noticed this in my finances too. I usually tend to think pretty negatively about money. I’m sure most of us do. It can be hard to get by in this world – but I had to stop recently and realise that my hard work budgeting in the last six months has paid off. I now have some money all saved up ready for the big bills that will be coming my way soon. That’s an achievement worth celebrating. When we savour these victories, we are turning a negative thought into a positive one, and living with a more Christ-honouring attitude.

So, let’s take a moment to look around us, and see what deserves to be savoured today.

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    About Adam David Collings

    Adam Collings is a writer of speculative fiction who works as a software engineer during the day. He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife and two children. Adam is currently working on a science fiction novel.
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    31 Responses to Savour

    1. Great post! Thanks for the reminders.

    2. sandigrace says:

      Nice post, Adam. I like the idea of savouring the victories in life by celebrating them. I love the little guy with the Klingon word, “Qapla!” 🙂

      • Thanks Sandi. As soon as I started writing about celebrating victories, I knew I had to use that picture. I think he’s called the ‘success kid’.

    3. E G Lewis says:

      Good advice: savor the small things. We so often overlook the little blessings of everyday life. As they say, God is in the details. My quick math tells me that those 10 kilos equal about 22 pounds. Not bad, not bad at all! Peace and Blessings.

    4. Jack Brown says:

      wise advice Adam. well done on the weight loss….

    5. Wonderful reminders, Adam! Weekends definitely are for savoring!

    6. Pegg Thomas says:

      I hadn’t thought about the money aspect and savor (you fellas down under really need to learn how to spell it correctly! HA!). Good thoughts, as always. Treasure that little boy, those times pass in the blink of an eye.

      • Ooooh those are fighting word Pegg. Do you really want to start the spelling debate? LOL

        Yes, I will treasure him (and his big sister). They’re at a very precious age.

    7. Amen, Adam! To savor the small victories, the small moments, to shift persepctive, remember what’s important, and cherish the bounty of God. What joy!

    8. Tracy Krauss says:

      You listed all kinds of good things to ‘savor’ and gave some good advice, too. Thanks

    9. Nona says:

      Great post, Adam [sorry I’m late]. 🙂 I can totally relate to the savoring of the weekends, as well as the frustration when it comes to budgeting. Thankfully, my husband is in charge of our budget, and I am so thankful for that! He has done a wonderful job, and the blessings are beginning to mount because of his diligence. So, please know that I am certain your wife appreciates your efforts and that your future blessings because of your struggle and obedience will be worthwhile!

      Great post.

      • Thanks Nona, and thanks heaps for the +1 click.
        It’s good when a marriage works well as a partnership, each doing different jobs according to your gifts.

    10. I really like this. We do get so busy (drive through windows, microwave ovens) that sometimes we just need to stop and take a big breather to enjoy what is actually going on around us. I know it can be hard sometimes but we just need to do it so we can keep our sanity.

    11. Terrie says:

      Loved it Adam! Savoring the little victories is something worth shouting about. When our time is consumed with the issue, we lose focus of the goal. I think that is why Jesus said that when times get overwhelming rough-know that He has a place prepared for us. The reward at the end of the journey, but celebrating the little victories makes life sweet. Good post – Thanks

    12. Deborah K. Anderson says:

      Some great reminders. Thank you.

      May the Lord continue to bless your finances, in Jesus’ name.

    13. Traci B says:

      Excellent post, Adam. Savoring the small victories is what keeps us going. I printed a sheet of business cards with the Amazon link to my novel, Chantal’s Call, just published this week, and kept the last one. I taped it to my computer monitor at the day job, and when the data input or whatever gets mind-numbingly dull (which takes about 5 minutes), that card reminds me that the day job is paying the bills so I can pursue my writing dreams.

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