Book Review – Alpha Revelation by P. A. Baines

Alpha Revelation by P. A. BainesAlpha Revelation by P a Baines
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I finished reading Alpha Redemption, I immediately began hoping for a sequel. The ending of that book closed satisfyingly, but opened up such fascinating possibilities that I simply had to know what happened next. Alpha Revelation picks up and does just that – it shows what happens next to the characters.

The setting of this book is a colony on Mars – the remnant of humanity are struggling to survive having had to abandon Earth after poisoning it through war and pollution.
Author P.A Baines does a great job of creating a society which is focussed on survival. We see the implications of this in every aspect of the characters’ lives – from the technology to the social structures, education and employment. The implications of this society are often chilling.
The main theme that comes out of this book to me is the value of human life. What would you sacrifice to ensure the survival of the species? Does the value of a single human life become un-important when those are the stakes? Themes of faith are also integrated into the story in a satisfying way.

The pace and tension in this book build gradually until it hits break-neck pace with high stakes in the last act. P. A. Baines steps out of the familiar with this book, rather than trying to copy what was successful about its predecessor. Alpha Redemption was a very personal story, while Alpha Revelation has more of an epic feel to it.

While Alpha Redemption was written in a non-traditional non-linear fashion, Alpha Revelation reads chronologically. Both were appropriate choices for the stories being told.

While being a sequel, this book achieves its goal of continuing the saga of the characters, but it also stands very nicely as a stand-alone book. However, if you do intend to read both I would recommend reading them in order, so that the end of book one is not spoiled.

Once again P.A Baines has written a great Christian sci-fi novel which I am delighted to recommend. This book wraps things up nicely while still leaving unknown possibilities ahead of the characters. If the author decides to write another, I’d certainly be keen to see the logical continuation of this tale.

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Adam David Collings is an author of speculative fiction. He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife Linda and his two children. Adam draws inspiration for his stories from his over-active imagination, his life experiences and his faith. Adam is a great lover of stories, enjoying them in books, movies, scripted TV and computer games. Adam discusses these, along with his monthly Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Bulletin on his youTube channel.
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1 Response to Book Review – Alpha Revelation by P. A. Baines

  1. Kerry Nietz says:

    Nice review, Adam. I read Redemption a few years back and have been looking forward to Mr. Baines next story. Glad it is a good one.

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