Amish Zombies from Space by Kerry Neitz – Book Review

Amish Zombies from SpaceAmish Zombies from Space by Kerry Nietz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kerry Nietz does it again. I was eager for a sequel to Amish Vampires in Space. It raised a lot of interesting questions and I hoped the author would delve deeper into the origins of the vampires. He does just that in this book. We get to see all the old familiar faces as they gradually come together. The progression of the characters’ lives is natural. Jeb and Sarah now live on an Englisher planet, straddling the line between their former world and their new one. Greels is out of jail, with no resources or purpose. Darly spends all her free time investigating those who created the vampires in book 1. Seal and Singer live together on their own ship, and the Amish in Miller’s Resolve have successfully rebuilt their lives.

As with the vampires in book 1, the zombies in this book were unique and awesome. The scientific basis that Kerry used to explain them gave the book a fun edge and set it apart from the usual fare.

This book explores both the light and darkness of humanity. Through one particular character we get to see the horrifying result when a person fails to value human life. Through others we see the hope and beauty of forgiveness.

Once again, this book explores the Amish culture in a very sensitive way. It pays great respect to them while not putting them on a pedestal either.

There are also a couple of fun Easter eggs in here for those who have read some of Kerry’s other work – hinting at a larger story universe.

The book brings the saga to a very satisfying conclusion – while still leaving room for a potential follow-up should the author decide to write one.

I heartily recommend this series to anyone who loves thoughtful science fiction mixed with a fun adventure and some monsters for good measure.

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  1. I enjoyed it too. Love Kerry’s work!!

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