About Adam Collings

Adam CollingsAdam Collings is an aspiring author, and writer of speculative fiction. He works as a software engineer during the day. He lives in Tasmania, Australia with his wife Linda, and his children Chloe and Harrison.

Adam is currently editing a space-opera novel in preperation for pitching to publishers. Learn more about Adam’s writing projects.

Read about Adam’s influences as a writer.

Adam and his wife are passionately involved with the Door of Hope Christian Church. Adam has served in ministry areas such as video production and serving meals to the homeless. Read more about Adam’s spiritual journey in Adam’s Story.

Adam’s wife Linda is a registered nurse. She is interesting in photography, craft and all things creative.

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3 Responses to About Adam Collings

  1. Kate Kindle says:

    Adam: I caught your thoughtful response on ‘Building an author platform’ on Publish an Ebook site. Yes, you have to start before the book emerges. I didn’t. I published my nove/murder/mystery Angel’s Requiem in 2010 at Smashords. I’ve sold some, believe me, but I knew, like Charles Dickens did, that serial fiction on my site is important. Never did do that, though. Very busy with promotiing my book and then getting a print version out. But, I’m gonna start. Today is not too soon.

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  3. Lucas says:

    Just followed the link from fitocracy to here. Sound like you have a busy life. You should self publish your book (iBooks or amazon). Well keep up the good work. Rukas

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