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What Species of Reader are You?

Laura E. Kelly has created a cool infographic about classifications of readers. It’s a lot of fun. Looking at this diagram, I’d say that I’m a cross Book buster / Kindle Convert / Bathroom reader. What about you? Graphic created … Continue reading

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The Great Silence – Soundtrack and First Draft

Today I typed ‘The End’. That’s right, I’ve finished the first draft of my Space Opera novel The Great Silence. While this is hardly the end of the journey (more like the beginning as this is when the hard work … Continue reading

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She’ll be right Mate – Australia Day

Australia Day is here again. I love being Australian. I love our unique sense of humour. I love the varied beauty of the different parts of our land – from sprawling deserts, to lush rainforests, to ice-capped mountains. I love … Continue reading

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YouTube Makes Funny Captions

Have you seen it? YouTube have implemented an interesting feature. It attempts to auto-generate English captions for your videos by analysing the speech in the sound track. I had a look at what it came up with on one of … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Sightings in Launceston

There are strange things happening in this town – sightings of things out of the ordinary. Just a week or two ago, I spotted this police box (AKA TARDIS). As ‘those-in-the-know’ will understand, where there’s a police box, there’s The … Continue reading

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